Colour Inspiration: Emerald Green

Cwtch The Bride’s Creator Maria is a busy bee. Like most wedding photographers, she’s coming to the end of the ‘wedding season’ having shot over 30 weddings eek! She’s also spent a lot of time behind the scenes of CTB working on some exciting projects.

We’ve managed to pin her down to share her favourite colour with you all today.  Here she is with an inspirational palette of  Emerald Green :) Take it away, Maria!

emerald green

Hello Ladies & Gents, its been a while!

Its lovely to see so many of you enjoying Cwtch the Bride. I’ve particularly enjoyed reading all the lovely comments after each post. It would be great to read a few more after this one (seeing as I’m feeling a bit nervous).

Today I’d like to introduce you to a colour I simply adore. Its glamourous, deep, oozes style and reminds me of one of my favourite childhood films. Its the wonderful world of emerald green. There are so many things I love in life that are associated with this stunning colour…

Think The Wizard of Oz, My husband (he has incredible green eyes!), long walks through luscious green forests, That dress Keira Knightley wore in Atonement, glamorous emerald jewels (worn by 1950’s hollywood legends such as Elizabeth Taylor) plus lots more…

Emerald Green also happens to be the 2013 Pantone colour of the year!

When it comes to weddings, There are so many ways you can use this colour. With it being such a bold shade of green, I think it works best when used subtly. Less is definitely more with this beauty! Heres are a few images and ideas that I hope inspire you as much as they do me.

If it’s a colour you’ve never really considered for your wedding, maybe create your own pinterest board and see how it works with other colours? It works great with gold.

Let me know what other colours you think would work well with it. I’m keen to know your thoughts :) I’ve put together a Pinterest board of my favourite emerald green picks so do be sure to check that out too! :)


Love Maria x

Click the photos below to see a bigger version and, where available, a link to the shop. Can’t see the gallery? If you’re reading via email then click the title to view on the web.

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What colour should we do next? What have you chosen for your wedding? :)


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