Cwtch Of The Week: Aimeé Kim & The Wonderful Elijah

Its that time of the week where we love to share a beautiful image of a very special Cwtch.

The lovely Kate Richards sent us this beauty. She had the pleasure of photographing Aimeé & Kim’s wedding last year at The Barn in Brynich. This wonderful image of the couple along with Elijah (Kim’s 97 year old Grandfather) was such a special moment for them all. We’re so happy to share the beautiful story of how this couple met and the importance of family and support.

I want a cwtch from Elijah too! He seems one epic grandfather! Lets hand you over to Kate to tell you all about it:

Kate Richards Photography

Aimée and Kim met whilst working together in a special needs school in Cardiff. Aimée was a learning support assistant and Kim worked with the children that used Assistive Technology. They were friends for 3 years before they took the plunge into a workplace romance!

When Kim first took Aimée to meet her family, they stopped at a lake called Thirlmere which is Kim’s favourite place. On that day she decided she wanted to marry this girl, so planted the seed in her head that she would one day ask her in that exact same spot. She booked a stay for New Years eve 2017 and proposed on that exact same spot January 1st 2018. It was exactly how she wanted it to be and thankfully she said yes!

Elijah is Kim’s grandfather and he’s is 97 years young – a phenomenal man. He has always been so supportive of Kim in everything she does, which included the day she got married, he was so proud. He’s embraced Aimée into the family as though she has always been there. In fact Kim would go as far as to say she is higher up the pecking order than she is these days. He loves her!

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