DIY Tutorial: Bride and Groom Hay Bales

Planning a marquee wedding on a Welsh farm this summer? If so, you are going to LOVE this DIY tutorial featuring Bride & Groom Hay Bales.

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_007

All images © Maria Farrelly Photography

Last year I photographed Beth & Matt’s beautiful wedding on a farm in Magor.  I love photographing farm weddings. Not only do I get to enjoy some epic views across the Welsh countryside but generally EVERYONE in the town/village appears to gets an invite! and everyone seems to be involved in some way in the lead up to the big day. I love that!

When it comes to styling a farm wedding, the Rustic theme tends to be a clear winner. And why not, its certainly fitting for the landscape.   Homemade & DIY tend to feature in some way. Generally its the favours, the flowers, the cake ….but I have to say, when I arrived at this wedding, I was gobsmacked. I’ve NEVER seen a giant B&G made of hay bales before!

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_008

Fabulous, aren’t they!

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_003

They certainly fitted in well and were a huge talking point throughout the day.

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_009

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_004

You could see them from miles away and the guests certainly loved them. Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_005

they also made a great prop for photographs :)

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_011

How to make them:

Thankfully, Beth’s friends took some pictures as they were being made. As you can see, a tractor is essential!

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_001

Once the hay bales were stacked, they used huge white sheets (for the wedding dress) and black bags (for the grooms suit),

Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_002

For the eyes- paper plates, lips-red bin liner, Veil- netting, grooms hat- a tyre & bucket. The brides cleavage- I believe it was 2 balls or 2 balloons :) Simple! Haybale Mr & Mrs DIY Maria Farrelly_010

If you are doing something unusual for your welsh wedding this year, email us at to let us know! we’d love to feature it.

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