Kelly & Steven’s Photofilm by Chris Morse.

Having been a professional photographer myself for 20yrs and starting Cwtch The Bride seven years ago… I’ve shot & seen a GREAT MANY weddings! This however, is a first for me… The lovely Chris Morse (a North Wales based Wedding Photographer) submitted a wedding film unlike anything i’d seen before. A Photofilm. It’s made entirely of still images with sound that is beautifully edited and full of emotion. As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to share it!

It’s longer than most wedding films we’ve featured but so worth it. The grooms speech 20 mins in, had me in tears!

Lets hand you over to Chris to give you all an insight into this beautiful wedding and the work that went into creating this film

Chris Morse & family

Hi Everyone, I’m Chris Morse.

I’m based in North Wales and live in Rhos on Sea with my Welsh wife and 2 Welsh kids 😉, but am originally from Warminster, Wiltshire (which is where the couple are from too).  Steven was one of my best men, and we’re really close with Kelly too.  In fact, my wife did one of their readings, and my daughter was one of the flower girls so it was a pretty special day for us!  

The idea came from trying to expand on my “Silent Movies” which are essentially super-fast slideshows of every photograph I take at a wedding, and my inability to actually film. I almost called them “Silent Movies with Audio” because I was struggling to think of a better name.  But eventually settled on Photofilm. I made my first “Photofilm” around November 2018, although the wedding was in August 2018.  It was an experiment, I explained my idea to the couple and told them it could be a complete disaster, but they were happy to take the risk.  Fortunately it turned out alright 😉 

Steven & Kelly had already asked me to photograph their wedding, before I’d properly formed the idea of the Photofilms.  So, I showed them the first film I made to get their opinion – it made Kelly cry so I knew I was on to something.  I want to tell a story and preserve memories, but more than that, I want to do everything I can to capture how they felt on that day.  So being able to add sound to the images makes the emotional connection even stronger.  And if I can, I like to throw in a bit of humour too…

Huge thanks Chris! We love it!

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