Past Bride Top Vendor Choice: King Arthur Hotel, Gower

King Arthur Hotel

The Details



When did you get married?

13th April 2012


King Arthur Hotel, Gower, Swansea

What do they do

Wedding venue

Why it stood out:

The King Arthur Hotel was already familiar to my husband and I when we viewed it as a potential wedding venue, having both grown up in the local area. The venue itself was exactly what we wanted but what really made us sign on the dotted line was the staff and the package which included a fantastic tailored menu. The team was so helpful throughout the entire process and, more importantly, they really made us aware of the fact that they understood the stress of trying to organise what is essentially a weekend away for over 100 people but without being condescending or rude!

We booked only 6 months prior to our wedding date and never felt rushed or that anything was out of hand. We felt that they noted our relaxed style as a couple and tailored their work to suit us.

On the day, the fact that they had talked us through what would happen really helped, as did the calm presence of Rhian, our planner, and the glass of iced water that seemed to appear in your hand before you even knew you needed it! The best part was when the head fell off the groom (on the cake-topper, I should note!) and Rhian came straight to us and let us know, having already realised how funny we would find it and also having already fixed it.

Happy Bride and Groom, happy guests and the best scenery in the world – what more could you ask for? :)

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