Bride-to-be Diary: Picking A Wedding Photographer

charlieBride-to-be Charlie is in the final run up to her big day in September, eee! In the coming months she’ll be sharing some of her planning with you, via her bride-to-be diary. This month she’s talking all about picking a wedding photographer. Be sure to follow the blog to keep up with all her details! :) Disclaimer: Charlie wrote this for Cwtch the Bride, and picked Maria without hints from us! Other wedding photographers are (of course) available and widely promoted on our site! :)

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This week I’m going to tell you how I came to meet the wonderful Maria. Photography is a big love of mine that I’ve never been able to afford to get into properly (maybe after the wedding!) and I knew that for the wedding I didn’t want lots of posed or cheesy photographs. I wanted a talented photographer but initially the cost of all things wedding related had us a bit daunted. Luckily (well at the time we thought it was) my mum had met her boyfriend when he was hired as my cousin’s wedding photographer, even luckier he offered to do ours for free! That just left the decision about videography, Mark really wasn’t keen but having watched a friend’s wedding DVD I knew I wanted one. Let the nagging commence!

Sarah and Jaron 01


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Early on in the planning I started visiting wedding fayres with my friend Amanda (a bride to be at the time, now a newlywed). My very first wedding fayre was a vintage themed one in The Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay. This was the first time I met Maria Farrelly and all I could think when I saw her work displayed around her was “Wow, this is what I want!”, it was so natural and beautiful. I told Maria that we already had photographers but she was still so friendly and stopped and chatted to us for about ten minutes. I walked away feeling gutted that I couldn’t have her! I saw Maria at a few wedding fayres and every time she would stop to chat, and every time I would leave wishing I could book her!

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A couple of months later out of the blue my mum’s boyfriend ended things. Obviously I was worried about my mum but a small voice in the back of my mind was saying “You can book Maria now”! Mark hadn’t met Maria or seen her work but I already knew that she was exhibiting at a wedding fayre in the Millennium Centre that following Sunday (fate?!). I registered us and on the day literally frogmarched Mark around the wedding fayre until we found Maria! We reached Maria and I pointed out all of my favourite pictures, knowing the stories behind them off by heart.

Michelle and Lewis

 Maria came along and we chatted for a while and then when we walked away I asked Mark with bated breath if he liked her too, luckily he loved her! We went straight home and did some very careful jiggling of the wedding budget (and our finances!) and a week or so later she was booked! We had our engagement shoot with Maria in September and this just confirmed that we had made the right decision. We had such a fun day, Maria got us really relaxed in front of the camera, and the photos were incredible, we were both so thrilled! Although we both said we haven’t gazed into each other’s eyes that much before, ever!

JZ0C5108The only problem with booking Maria was that her amazing photos made Mark even less keen on hiring a videographer. Then one day I was reading a thread about videographers on the Facebook wedding group I belong to and a girl mentioned Frank Millar and how good he was but reasonable too. I looked him up, sent him an email with my dilemma and he managed to do me a really good deal, even including his travel from Oxfordshire. If you are interested, send him a tweet, he is the biggest Twitter addict I know!





Good photography (and videography) may seem expensive, but after the wedding they are one of the few things that you have to show for the day, and a good photographer will capture the emotions of the day so well that it will bring it all back. Which makes it VERY worth it :) We’ve already picked ours but I’d love to know who you’ve gone for, too! :)

Charlie x

We’d love to make this into a series, so if you want to tell us why you chose your wedding photography then please do get in touch! You can email, tweet us @cwtchthebride or send us a message on Facebook :)

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