Friday Flashback Real Wedding: Rock & Roll Carnival Wedding – Tanya & Kev

Good morning Cwtchers!!!! We thought as we are celebrating our 4th birthday this week we would do a throwback Real Wedding post today to one of our first ever ones done all the way back in February 2013!!  Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy this wonderful carnival wedding…

meAll photos in this post were taken by our very own, award winning Maria Farrelly :) (who did not write this bio herself!) Maria is located in Newport, but is always willing to travel. You can see all posts featuring her photography here.

Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly

Tanya (a student teacher) and Kev ‘Paps’ Papworth-Morgan (a guitar tech with the Welsh rock band, Bullet for my Valentine) got married on the 1st of September 2012 at the Bridgend Registry Office, with their reception at Hi-Tide in Porthcawl. They decided on a carnival wedding theme, which featured a drinks reception from the boot of their cars, donkeys, candy floss, fairground rides, penny slots and hawaiian shirts! We asked Tanya a few questions and this is what she said:

What was your favourite part of your wedding? The fairground and amusements. Seeing all our friends get stuck in and laugh all day was just as I imagined.

Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly


Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly

Why did you choose your venue? For the views over the beach and the fantastic food. Plus I didn’t want my guests to have to pay silly bar prices. Had they charged a ridiculous price for a glass of wine, we would NEVER have had the wedding there! I wanted all of our guests to feel comfortable, regardless of money, race, religion etc.


Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly

How did the proposal happen? (we love a good proposal story!) This is the most unromantic thing you would have ever heard. I basically got bored of waiting for Kev to propose so just told him it was time to get engaged. I picked the ring, took his bank card and paid for it. Then I gave him the ring when it arrived and asked him to give it back to me. He said ‘please put this ring on. Urm, I love you.’ That was it. He does tell me now that he regrets not giving me a proper proposal but it’s not a big deal to me!


Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? Lots of it was DIY! My bouquet I made by using brooches from ebay and a tutorial from youtube, the name stones were pebbles that I wrote on, glittered and then varnished and I made the card box from images from Google! I wrote all the favour cards and used a heart hole punch to make them look prettier. I made the table plan too after seeing the prices people charged for something that was not going to fit my theme. Most of the signs were also made by me!!

Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly



What was your first dance & why? King of The Swingers from Jungle Book. Kev played this on the ukulele in a gig and then a friend remembered and it just fitted the people that we are. We don’t have a romantic song and are really not a soppy couple so something that would make people smile was totally fitting. Kev dancing like an ape was a surprise to me however!!


In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? I would totally have a change of dress for the evening. I was so tired and the dress was heavy. Had I had some jammies, I would have lasted longer!


What was your budget? Our total spend was £9000. This included £4000 on the wedding bands (I HAD to have those diamonds!), the photographer’s fee and my dress. £5,000 on everything else, Bargain wedding!!


Do you have any advice for future brides? Don’t stress about the small things. If it’s not perfect, you will be the only person that notices. Your friends will just be delighted for you both. Try not to get too ‘weddingy’, having a simple wedding made it more fun and less stressful. 9 times out of 10, you don’t need half of the things you see online!! Enjoy your day, but don’t feel the pressure of having the best day of your life. Mine was incredible but the days afterwards were better than the wedding day, just looking at my new husband made me smile!


Real Wedding: Carnival Themed Porthcawl Wedding - shot by Maria Farrelly


Photography – Maria Farrelly (see all Cwtch the Bride shoots featuring Maria here)
Ceremony – Bridgend Registry Office
Reception – Hi-Tide Porthcawl
Dress – Ronald Joyce Dominique from Wedding Belles in Pyle
Shoes – River Island
Kev’s suit – Moss Bross and shoes from Camden Market
Cake – Friend’s mother in law baked the pies for us!
Flowers – Gutteridge in Bridgend and my bouquet was made from brooches
Hair and make up – Claire Davies
DJ/Band – Daz Cortina
Invites – Pretty Wild Designs

Thanks Tanya! We love how relaxed and fun your wedding feels! :) Now onto the full day’s photos…

tanya_wedding_porthcawl001 tanya_wedding_porthcawl006 tanya_wedding_porthcawl008 tanya_wedding_porthcawl011 tanya_wedding_porthcawl013 tanya_wedding_porthcawl018 tanya_wedding_porthcawl020 tanya_wedding_porthcawl022 tanya_wedding_porthcawl023 tanya_wedding_porthcawl029 tanya_wedding_porthcawl031 tanya_wedding_porthcawl032 tanya_wedding_porthcawl033 tanya_wedding_porthcawl034 tanya_wedding_porthcawl035 tanya_wedding_porthcawl040 tanya_wedding_porthcawl044 tanya_wedding_porthcawl046 tanya_wedding_porthcawl049 tanya_wedding_porthcawl050 tanya_wedding_porthcawl051 tanya_wedding_porthcawl052 tanya_wedding_porthcawl053 tanya_wedding_porthcawl054 tanya_wedding_porthcawl058 tanya_wedding_porthcawl064 tanya_wedding_porthcawl066 tanya_wedding_porthcawl067 tanya_wedding_porthcawl068 tanya_wedding_porthcawl074 tanya_wedding_porthcawl078 tanya_wedding_porthcawl083 tanya_wedding_porthcawl086 tanya_wedding_porthcawl091 tanya_wedding_porthcawl094 tanya_wedding_porthcawl096 tanya_wedding_porthcawl098 tanya_wedding_porthcawl099 tanya_wedding_porthcawl100 tanya_wedding_porthcawl102 tanya_wedding_porthcawl103 tanya_wedding_porthcawl110 tanya_wedding_porthcawl113 tanya_wedding_porthcawl117 tanya_wedding_porthcawl121 tanya_wedding_porthcawl124 tanya_wedding_porthcawl125 tanya_wedding_porthcawl127 tanya_wedding_porthcawl128 tanya_wedding_porthcawl131 tanya_wedding_porthcawl133 tanya_wedding_porthcawl135 tanya_wedding_porthcawl137 tanya_wedding_porthcawl139 tanya_wedding_porthcawl140 tanya_wedding_porthcawl143 tanya_wedding_porthcawl146 tanya_wedding_porthcawl147 tanya_wedding_porthcawl153 tanya_wedding_porthcawl155 tanya_wedding_porthcawl158 tanya_wedding_porthcawl160 tanya_wedding_porthcawl163 tanya_wedding_porthcawl166 tanya_wedding_porthcawl167 tanya_wedding_porthcawl168 tanya_wedding_porthcawl169 tanya_wedding_porthcawl170 tanya_wedding_porthcawl173 tanya_wedding_porthcawl174 tanya_wedding_porthcawl175 tanya_wedding_porthcawl176

tanya_wedding_porthcawl180 tanya_wedding_porthcawl181 tanya_wedding_porthcawl183 tanya_wedding_porthcawl184 tanya_wedding_porthcawl185 tanya_wedding_porthcawl188
tanya_wedding_porthcawl193 tanya_wedding_porthcawl194 tanya_wedding_porthcawl199 tanya_wedding_porthcawl200 tanya_wedding_porthcawl202 tanya_wedding_porthcawl206 tanya_wedding_porthcawl208 tanya_wedding_porthcawl209 tanya_wedding_porthcawl211 tanya_wedding_porthcawl212 tanya_wedding_porthcawl215 tanya_wedding_porthcawl218 tanya_wedding_porthcawl219 tanya_wedding_porthcawl220 tanya_wedding_porthcawl222 tanya_wedding_porthcawl223 tanya_wedding_porthcawl224 tanya_wedding_porthcawl225 tanya_wedding_porthcawl233

tanya_wedding_porthcawl244 tanya_wedding_porthcawl245tanya_wedding_porthcawl248 tanya_wedding_porthcawl252 tanya_wedding_porthcawl265 tanya_wedding_porthcawl270 tanya_wedding_porthcawl272 tanya_wedding_porthcawl273 tanya_wedding_porthcawl274 tanya_wedding_porthcawl276 tanya_wedding_porthcawl281 tanya_wedding_porthcawl286 tanya_wedding_porthcawl288 tanya_wedding_porthcawl291 tanya_wedding_porthcawl293 tanya_wedding_porthcawl295 tanya_wedding_porthcawl297 tanya_wedding_porthcawl301 tanya_wedding_porthcawl305 tanya_wedding_porthcawl307 tanya_wedding_porthcawl308 tanya_wedding_porthcawl309 tanya_wedding_porthcawl310 tanya_wedding_porthcawl313 tanya_wedding_porthcawl316 tanya_wedding_porthcawl318 tanya_wedding_porthcawl321 tanya_wedding_porthcawl325
tanya_wedding_porthcawl334 tanya_wedding_porthcawl336 tanya_wedding_porthcawl338 tanya_wedding_porthcawl339 tanya_wedding_porthcawl341 tanya_wedding_porthcawl342 tanya_wedding_porthcawl343 tanya_wedding_porthcawl344 tanya_wedding_porthcawl345

5 thoughts on “Friday Flashback Real Wedding: Rock & Roll Carnival Wedding – Tanya & Kev”

  1. Everyone had such a great time and I especially loved photographing it.

    Tanya requested that she didn’t want any formal/official group-shots throughout the day, except for one big group one outside the registry office. Always a bold move which many brides do end up changing their minds on due to a re-think or family pressure. I love that she didn’t budge on this and that she trusted me to photograph everyone in some way during the day. Trust is a massive thing between a client and a photographer.

    Tanya created such a relaxed, fun-day filled with so much laugher and no formality at all (apart from the civil service of course). I’d love to see more brides embrace their own ideas such as this and run with it. I always believe that a wedding should be about celebrating two people’s commitment in a way thats reflective of them. And this is a lovely example.

  2. I’m grinning from ear to ear looking at these! Tanya looks so beautiful and so relaxed, it just looks so much fun. I will be nudging my unmarried friends in the hope I get invited to a wedding like this one day :-) x

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