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 Today, I want to introduce you to a very talented wedding photographer, the lovely Christopher Ian Photography. Christopher has been supporting Cwtch the Bride for quite a while now and I personally love his work!

I’m a big advocate of helping to promote great photography. It not only raises the standards within the industry, but it is helping to establish genuine, honest, relationships.

Photographer’s such as Christopher Ian really understand and value how a blog such as this can help grow their business. His support along with our other sponsors, has been instrumental in helping to grow this inspiring resource for Welsh brides.

Back to the lovely Christopher. We asked him some questions about himself and his work and of course he’s sharing some incredibly beautiful images. 

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Hi Chris, we’re so excited to have you on Cwtch the Bride today; can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? :)

Hi I’m Christopher Ian, I’m a wedding photographer that loves the outdoors and the great adventure of life! I am passionate about travel, the environment and experiencing the most out of being here on this earth!

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How and when did you start Christopher Ian Photography?

I started my business in 2010.  Before this, I used to run a busy studio for several years, before which focused on beauty and fashion portraiture, the experience and techniques I’ve taken with me and incorporate elements of when I approach my wedding photography.

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What’s the best bit about being a part of the wedding industry?

Being a part of a couple’s wedding is the greatest honour and feeling I’ve ever known (next to being in love). It is food for my soul! I also like to be more than just a photographer with my couples. I’m there capturing those precious intimate moments, I am a friend and there is a huge level of trust in me which I value greatly.

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Have you had any hairy moments?

Wedding photography is often about problem solving, even in the face of adversity! I recall once at a wedding in the Lake District we experienced torrential rain, thunder and lighting, then a power cut that lasted hours.It was the worst the region had seen in 60 years and all in the middle of a cold November evening! What did I do? I found someone to put candles out, then with the couple we created romantic and intimate images! To me there are no hairy moments, just opportunities to see things from a different point of view.

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 Do you have any quirky wedding related stories to share?

This year I am very much looking forward to a wedding where the bride will be coming down the isle while riding a donkey! I LOVE different and quirky and this definitely qualifies!

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 Have you noticed any emerging trends in wedding photography for 2014/15?

Environmental portraiture seems to be becoming more and more popular, at least by the clients that choose me. I love to make the environment an important factor when making wedding images. Using a photojournalistic and natural approach (at least this has been my experience) is also something that seems to be trending rather well.

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Do you have any advice for couples choosing styles of photography for their big day?

It’s probably one of the most important decisions as the photographs are treasured memories of the wedding.

There are so many styles of photography out there. However, amidst the thousands of terms, buzzwords and such, I find that I just do what I’ve always done and which is true to my personality; natural and honest photography.

Your wedding should be a day that you enjoy and remember the fun, laughter and love, rather than how the photographer shouted, herded and dictated the whole experience. I feel its better to capture moments as they naturally unfold using fine art and documentary techniques, this is simply all that I do.

Thanks Ian, Great work!!

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