Weddings on a Budget: High Street Groomswear

SarahDIY bride Sarah is back with a round up of affordable, stylish high street groomswear. Following on from the fantastic high street wedding dresses & bridesmaids dresses this time we’re focusing on the boys :) Follow our Pinterest board here!

So! We did a round up of some high street wedding dresses, and then we did high street bridesmaids dresses and then all was quiet. But don’t worry – we hadn’t forgotten about the boys! When we got married Tzevai wasn’t sure whether to rent a suit, wear something he already owned or buy something new. We knew that we didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money (in the same way that my dress was just a dress, his suit was just a suit!) but we weren’t really sure what the best option was, so we took a wander around the high street to get some inspiration.

If you can afford to get a tailored suit (and that’s what you want) then hey – great! :) They look fantastic, they last a lifetime and you really do get what you pay for. But if you can’t or if, like Tzevai, your suit is just a suit then check out these high street groomswear options we’ve put together for you :) We’ll also be doing a post on renting your suit (and wedding dress!) so look out for that soon.

the classics

1. £110 (full suit cost) – Next Blue Slim Fit Suit
2. £248 – Marks & Spencer Pure Wool 2 Button Suit
3. from £49 – Slaters Charlton Gray Suit
4. £140 (full suit cost) – Next Stone Skinny Fit Suit
5. £99 (full suit cost) – Next Burgundy Suit

First up: the classics. These are all two or three piece suits that you can buy off the rack, ready to go. There are a myriad of tailoring options available these days to help you get the best fit for you (most stores will carry regular, tailored and slim fit at least) so all you need to do is pick one, grab a shirt, shoes and a tie and boom – you have your outfit. We like number 4 for a slightly more unusual look, or number 2 for that classic, traditional wedding vibe. If you’re on a budget then Slaters are worth checking out – their ‘value’ range starts from £49 – bargain. Even if you go for a classic suit you can always jazz it up so don’t worry too much that ‘off the rack’ means boring – it really doesn’t.

going dotty1. £16 – Debenhams Spotted Braces
2. £8 – Debenhams Red Dotted Bow Tie
3. £30 – Debenhams Polka Dot Shirt
4. £10 – Moss Gold Dot Tiei

If you’re a fan of polka dots, are planning a vintage style wedding or just want something with a little bit of design, then adding subtle spots to your accessories can give your outfit that extra edge. We’re a big fan of coloured ties and think this gold one from Moss is great (well, I am a fan of yellow after all!). It’s currently in the sale so make sure you snap it up!

pinstripe love

1. £25 – Marks & Spencer Adjustable Braces
2. £20.80 – Debenhams Stripe Square Cufflinks
3. £38 – Debenhams  Stripe Shirt
4. £199 – Moss 2 Piece Pinstripe Suit

If dots aren’t your think then consider stripes instead – they always look chic and dapper, right? We like this pinstripe suit from Moss, but if you’re looking for a more subtle stripe them maybe just get some accessories instead. All trends are versatile, so mix and match and see what you’re comfortable with!

splash of colour

1. £99 – Moss Mohair Teal Suit
2. £20 – Debenhams Red Braces
3. £16 – Next Blue Stripe Cufflinks
4. £149 – Moss Slim Fit Blue Dress Suit

We don’t need to tell you that we love colour here at Cwtch – the more the better! If you’re a fan of bright colours or your wedding has a theme colour (we know a lot of them do, just check out this Facebook thread!) then matching your accessories or even your suit can be a great call.  We love this teal suit from Moss, and at £99 it’s not going to break the bank either. If you decide not to wear a jacket (they can sometimes be a little too formal for a summer wedding) then a set of coloured braces or a bright tie will help to distinguish you from the guests :)

pattern crazy

1. £6 – Moss Spot Bow Tie
2. £10 – Topman Multi Shapes Tie
3. £25 – Moss Liberty Print Tie
4. £50 – Debenhams Lemon Print Shirt

Last but not least we have a suggestion for all the extroverts in the room – patterns! There are some great statement pieces out at the moment, from this beautiful Liberty print tie to the perhaps a little wacky lemon print shirt. If you’re looking for something a little less in your face them this bow tie actually isn’t polka dots – it’s little stars! :)

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board – there are lot more high street groomswear options there, and we’ll keep pinning anything new that we find :) We’d love to know what you’ve got planned for your wedding – have you gone high street, bespoke or somewhere in the middle? :)

5 thoughts on “Weddings on a Budget: High Street Groomswear”

  1. Another place that’s good on a budget is Burton, they are doing a free shirt with every suit at the moment too!

  2. Gareth bought his suits from Slaters. HUGE bonus of doing so is that they come with free lifetime alterations. In the end they cost £30 more than hiring them and everyone got to keep them too. Amazing service down in Swansea Slaters :-) x

  3. Great post, Mat bought his suit from Moss, he has a slim build 30in waist and 30 leg, their suits fitted him so well without the need for tailoring. Great customer service in the Cardiff branch too!

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