Introducing Our Crafty Bride Katie

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Our Crafty Bride Katie. Over the next few months she will be giving us a little glimpse into her wedding planning. Take it away Katie!New Bride To Be DiaryScreenshot_2016-06-14-11-40-45-1Hello fellow bride’s to be!

A little bit about me – My name is Katie, I am 26, and I live in Sunny Swansea of South Wales! I work full time in a Contact Center for a well known Bank and in my spare time I sing in a Local Choir Called Vocal Harmony. I also really enjoy crafting (any excuse to go to Hobby Craft!).

I currently live happily (“In Sin” as my Nana would say!) with my Fiance Aled. We had many mutual friends in common from college up to adulthood, and oddly enough our paths never crossed, well after a funny status on a mutual friend’s Facebook, we caught each others eye and finally got chatting.

Two and a half years, two “I love you’s” later we are engaged, we moved into our lovely home last year in December and now we are preparing for our wedding.1463604_10152101037722244_1022982267_n

During our first holiday together in NYC, whilst the sun was setting on top of the Rockerfella Center, my husband to be surprised me with the magical phrase “Will you marry me?”

I was in complete shock! (I honestly pictured my later years as a spinster living alone in a 2 bed flat with 70 cats! … I don’t even like cats!) Well needless to say I cried a lot. We attracted the attention of a Spanish couple standing near us, who happily offered to take a very weepy picture of my husband to be and myself. Best day of my life … So Far!10292515_10152573737957244_9028618582665099242_n

Well I must say, within my group of friends, I’ve always been the bridesmaid and never the bride, so understandably my ideas for my big day have been a long time in the planning!

After many discussions with my H2b, well at least I thought they were discussions! We have decided to got for for a NYC themed wedding along with Tiffany Blue Colour tones to accent.

My H2B and I are not church go’ers and decided to pick a venue that was intimate, share our special day with our guests in one place, hence why we picked the fabulous Plough Inn, Rhosmaen. My Mamgu lives only 5 mins away from the venue and across the road from her is the ruins of Talley Abbey where I spent many wonderful weekends as a young girl. A perfect backdrop, I thought, for our wedding pictures! So for me, Llandeilo was the one and only choice for me.


I won’t disclose to much at this point as I have lots of big and unusual plans for my wedding, which I can’t wait to organise!

As a person I’m very organised! Even with over a year to go I have already booked my Venue, sourced my wedding cake, DJ, men’s suits, bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers and invitations! I’m like Bridezilla on a mad one! The only thing I’m dreading to source is my dress, I’m not a conventional size 10 and 6ft tall woman most bridal shops tend to cater for. So finding a dress to fit my “curvelisous” shape is gonna take a few prayers and a pair of Bridget Jones knickers that’s for sure!165161_10150123387007244_4234855_n

I must say my mum has been a big help getting stuff sorted! I get at least 20 emails and texts a day with links to things she’ll think I’d love for the wedding … I think she see’s it more as her wedding than mine! Although she can get a bit too carried away … last week I had to talk her down about her idea of delivering the invitations by White Carrier Pigeons! (NO JOKE!).

We’ll this Friday will mark exactly 1 year until my wedding! Eeeekkkk can’t believe it! Our Save the dates have officially gone out and we’re all set to get though the whirlwind that will be the preperation months towards the wedding! Everyone is telling me it will come around quite quickly! So the heat is on to loose a pound (more like tonne!) Or two! Got a list as long as my arm of crafts and things to get done! No doubt I’ll have a paint brush perminentley attached to my hand over the next few months! But it will all be worth it …. I hope there’s some sort of wedding therapy group I can attend after its all over as I’m sure there will be a huge void to fill when it’s all over! ….. at least I get a fantastic husband at the end of it all eh!10606252_10152874743977244_7803899704459637615_n

I can’t wait to have find out more from Our Crafty Bride and what she has up her sleeve with her wedding plans. ~ Kate

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