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Another new bride to be…..(drumroll)…..Introducing Our Graceful Bride Vicky. This lovely lady is proudly Welsh so I hope you can forgive her for living in Essex. Haha….I can’t wait to hear all about her wedding as she has excellent taste in shoes and loves a bit of luxury. This bride might be working in a mans world but she is a lady through and through! Take it away Vicky! 
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So hello lovely readers of Cwtch the Bride, my name is Vicky and I was crazy enough to enter the bride to be competition to blog about my wedding! I’ve been asked to write a short biography about myself so you can all get to know me, without making it sound like a CV. Unfortunately I decided on a science degree over an English one so you’ll have to bear with me, I did try and look at ‘professional’ bloggers for inspiration but only got as far as Zoella before I got distracted with major hair envy! Anyway, I digress!!

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So I’ve just turned 30 and live in Essex but am originally from Pontypool (I like to pretend that my fiancé and I are a bit like Gavin and Stacey but the similarities end there!) We live in the beautiful North Essex countryside (it’s nothing like TOWIE, which I bet at least one of you were thinking about) with our spoilt labradoodle Bailey.

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I work as a pilot out of Stansted for the ‘webs favourite airline’ so I spend half my life up at 38,000ft, it’s an amazing job but not as glamorous as people think! I’ve got to admit other than that I’m probably quite boring (30 going on 80 according to Rob, just coz I enjoy a game of scrabble!) and spend my life walking the dog, reading, trying to add to my shoe collection etc etc.

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Although we live in Essex there was absolutely no other place we were going to get married other than Wales. I am proudly Welsh and Rob has always loved it so much he calls it his spiritual home. We’re having a small intimate wedding of around 60 close friends and family in what I’ve decided to call our ‘relaxed, elegant country’ style. It may be a Georgian manor but I want to feel like I could curl up with my feet on the sofa, like the flowers have been brought in from the garden that morning and like we’ve just used whatever old antiques we could find to set the tables, whether it be books or bone china or old glass vases. The focus is good food, good music and good times with the people we love the most.

File 03-01-2016, 18 58 01 File 03-01-2016, 18 36 16I promise though that I will try and make my blog posts really interesting so you don’t give up on me halfway through, although to be fair they may just be full of me rambling on about my new found obsession with Pinterest! See you all next month for my first crack at it.

I think you can admit that you are like me and what to know about Vicky and her big day….and her shoe collection!! If you missed our last introduction please come and meet our Spring Bride Ali here!

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  1. Sheila Pragnell

    Gosh Vicki you look fantastic. So grown up since the last time I saw you. To think Brian and I have known you all your life but never thought you would grow into the successful and lovely lady you have become. Look forward to reading the rest of your blogs. Lots of love Sheila & Brian x

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