Introducing Our Spring Bride Ali

 Following on from our last introduction of our Traditional Bride Kath, I give you our  Spring Bride Ali!!! (Round Of Applause!!!)
This beautiful bride to be loves a cheeky little deal and will be sharing her money saving ways with all of you lovely little Cwtchers! She is getting married in Spring 2017 and I have had a sneak peek at some of her DIY projects and I have fallen in love. I’m looking forward to seeing her plans come together and hope you find them as inspiring as all of us down in Cwtch HQ do. 
So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab jammie dodger and join me as I say….take it away Ali!
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Hi! :) My name is Alexandra, or Alex, or Ali.. but please not Al. I’m not ok with Al, haha.I am 24 years old, and live in Llantwit Fardre, near Cardiff, South Wales with my Fiance and baby girl, Belle (she’s a dog, not a human…)
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I currently work in Marketing and Widening Participation for the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and am based in Swansea, although spend most of my time on the road meeting with community groups and individuals across South West Wales. I love my job. I basically get to help people achieve their dreams and reach potential they never knew they had, which is so rewarding! In my spare time I love pampering my princess paws, crafting, socialising and when I have 5 minutes… keeping fit (those 5 minutes are rare!). Crafting and fitness are definitely going to be taking a swift kick in the backside in the New Year… crafting because I’m making most of out table decorations and stationary for the wedding myself, and fitness because my ultimate aim is to look like Perrie Edwards from Little Mix by the wedding.. not overly optimistic?
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Weirdly, the fitness journey is what I’m looking forward to most next year… along with all the other bits of planning (although we’ve done a fair bit already!). We’d started planning the wedding before we’d even discussed getting engaged. We’re both big planners. Grant loves a list and I love spending money haha. We completely agreed on style and theme etc. Rustic, barn, country, manor house, DIY, candles, pastels… Grant likes to call it ‘Tea Party’ style. I like to call it Rustic Chic. I just can’t wait to pull everything together, and I know that between me and my very involved Mr, we’re going to have a real personal day to remember :). YAY. WEDDING.
Photo 03-01-2016, 18 53 44Photo 03-01-2016, 18 51 00I use to blog a little while ago, about life in general, and I’m so excited to get back to the keyboard, and spill all my fears, excitement, worries, wins and woes with everyone!
Ali, x
Photo 14-12-2015, 22 00 01Look at how cute her little doggy is! So we still have a few girls to go! Keep your eyes on the blog for the next Bride to Be. ~ Kate

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    1. Ah thank you Claire! I think you and your slightly inappropriate (but accurate) banter is one of the reasons we hit it off so well!
      hehe <3

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