Introducing Our Valleys Bride Vicci

Morning you beautiful lot!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing our Valleys Bride Vicci. This lovely lady met her man at the gym, gazing across the room, sharing sly glances and cheeky smiles, getting all hot and sweaty until finally she pinned him down, quite literally. This is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. She is mega organised and loves a spreadsheet and we all know we need that in wedding planning! So put your hands together in welcoming our latest bride to be Vicci! 


Well hello there!  A little like those BTBB’s (brides-to-be-bloggers) who have gone before me, I would like to introduce myself as Vicci (to friends), Toe (to family) and Victoria (when I have done something wrong).  My other half also goes by 3 different names, which I will share with you to ensure that there is no confusion in future blogs; I mix between James, Jamie and J, but can definitely confirm they are all one person!


I am an Office Manager by day, but also manage to be Zumba Instructor and Volunteer Gymnastics Coach once a week (ooo and now a Cwtch the Bride Blogger).  I do manage to squeeze in some ‘me-time’ in the form of Aerotone, Gym and Yoga, and also some ‘us-time’ with J, going for meals, socialising with friends and family and regular visits to the cinema.  Throw in organising a Wedding and bingo, that is us!  As you can tell life is pretty hectic for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’m a little on the organised side, ok, I am a little bit of a control freak or OCD when it comes to planning, so we will be fine (spreadsheets and files are working on overload at our house, sooooo exciting) – nothing like a time challenge to get you through the days. FB_IMG_144584239135820151225_132208~2

I’m originally a Valley Girl from Treorchy, but we now live in Beddau (not far from the Spring BTBB) with our part-time little man, a shih-tzu named Harvey.  I say part-time, because he is absolutely spoiled rotten and doesn’t cope well being left alone.  Add to that the aforementioned busy lifestyle and it just makes sense for him to spend time with my Mum, Dad and Gran through the week.FB_IMG_1445842351810FB_IMG_1451690067920

So, that’s a little intro to us, now a little intro to our day.  We had always spoken of saying our vows with our feet in the sand, but where we had in mind was not ideal for some close family and friends who we really want to share our day with.  So a nifty little switch of plan and we will now be having a very intimate wedding, with a big after party and the honeymoon of our dreams.  One thing we are very set on – it’s’ ‘Our Day, Our Way’and we are trying to make it as personal as possible, trying to capture things that are close to us and our hearts.


I am so excited to be sharing my journey with all you lovelies, and promise to share the ups, downs, tears and laughter.

Until next time, Mwah x

Ahhhhhh…..isn’t she just lush. If you are looking for some inspiration you have to come to Cwtchfest get your tickets here! Hurry as they are selling like hot cakes. ~ Kate

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